Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get some of the things that you are interested in buying for over 90% off the purchase price? Now you can! Floatthat is an intuitive, unique social commerce platform that exists to allow anyone the opportunity to get lucky and win big! Before heading to the store or shopping online, you can see if what you’re interested in buying is available on Floatthat. There is always a wide selection of popular products to choose from, including HDTVs, gaming systems, and designer accessories, and Floatthat gives you a chance to win them for a cost that is little to none compared to their retail value.

With the wide selection of items and experiences available and the chance to win them for near to nothing, Floatthat has created a new, fun, and exciting way to shop for the things you are already interested in buying with no associated risks or gimmicks.

Floatthat makes the traditional online shopping model more social and fun by giving anyone the opportunity to save a lot of money on different products and experiences. Through Floathat’s online social commerce platform, your friends, family, and people from all over the world have the opportunity to win a product for a fraction of what you would typically pay in stores or anywhere else online.


Floatthat gives anyone the chance for high reward without any risk — it truly is a win-win situation. Items and experiences can be joined through a mechanism called a “Float.” Each Float only has a certain number of spots available. The cost to join each Float is determined by the original value of the product or experience. In most cases, winners end up scoring items and experiences for over 90 percent off of what the original price point would be. For example, a Float that features a new HDTV costs $20 to join with 50 available spots. Compared to the $1,000 original retail value of the TV, this entry fee is considerably low. Once all the available spots for the Float are filled, one of the participants is randomly-selected to win the TV! While similar to a raffle, Floatthat differs in a way where there aren’t any losers.


Even if you don’t win a Float, you don’t really lose either. That’s the magic of Floatthat. The money that non-selected participants pay to secure their spot in a Float will be converted into FloatBucks, which can be used towards purchasing the featured product. Using the same example, participants that did not win the TV can use the $20 they spent to enter the Float towards purchasing the item themselves. Rather than having to pay the full $1,000, FloatBucks would bring the total cost down by $20. The FloatBucks can also be used towards purchasing other items on the social commerce platform that are available for immediate purchase.

While it requires a small investment, winning can really pay off, especially when there is no risk involved and your money can be used to purchase items outright. Our never-lose model creates an exciting and enjoyable social shopping experience — who knew competing against friends, coworkers, and people from around the world for the hottest products could be so fun?


Floatthat started as an idea that originated from wanting to save money and make shopping for trending products more enjoyable and fun. After a group of friends all showed interest in one item online that had a higher price point, a friendly competition developed which required all participants to pay a small fee to have their name entered into a drawing. One name was randomly selected as the winner, in which that person received all the money contributed to the contest to purchase the product that everyone was interested in buying. After taking this idea, reworking it, and creating a new and unique model, Floatthat came into existence.

Today, FloatThat is an emerging commerce platform that has created an online shopping experience that is not only more enjoyable, but more social as well. Continuously updating its selection of available Floats, Floatthat has something that everyone will want to try winning. When you use Floatthat with your family, friends, and social circle, you’ll be part of a fun and exciting shopping experience!


Even though I lost, I still won! FloatThat is a no brainer!

Andy w.

I won a costo gift card!... Rather than spending $100, I had chance of winning with only $5. Makes sense if you're going to spend money somewhere, might as well see if you get a good discount with this!

Brian S

It's like a raffle, but better! there really isn't any risk of losing.

Nick D.

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